Case 2

Case 2

Mark works as a purchase manager for cargo control products and rigging hardware in a big American distributor company.

In 2017, we started cooperating with Mark.

At the beginning, we only get few products orders, such as corners, chain assembly etc.

By chance, Mark told us that there was a troublesome thing occurred and it made him so headache. They also have a great purchase demand for load binders, but recently the load binders provided by their suppliers have made them receive many customer claims due to quality problems.

We really hope that we could help him deal with this trouble.

Thus, our Boss Mr. Sun arranged a special visit to America.

Mr. Sun proposed his ideas for how to solve the quality problem and introduced our advantage on cargo control products manufacturing during the meeting, and Mark knew more about us that we were capable to deal with the trouble they faced before. So they placed a trial order instantly.

It’s a totally full-new beginning for us!

From the raw material purchasing to finish products inspection, each product of the order, we conducted in conformity with the contract that we stated. Mark was very satisfied with our products quality and on-time shipment.

With the continuous development of Mark's company's business, we not only supply them with standardized products, we also assist them in developing new products to expand the market, which is beyond the reach of their competitors.

Till now, we've been cooperating for five years, and the relationship between us has also sublimated from the initial supplier and buyer to a relationship of partners and even friends. Besides work, we also talk about our life.

Thank so much for Mark’s support and trust in these years, it’s our great honor to work with you.


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