Case 1

Case 1

Here is our French customer Mr. Philippe, we know each other in 2017, he found us from our website.

In the beginning, he told us they have opportunity to get a 500 pieces market of our GB1201S, after talked with him, we know that he is the owner of the company and work at home, this is new project for him, and he want our help:


Then in the next few days, we showed products by video to make sure that's what he want, even if there is a small order, we also quote a competitive price to support him. Since then, we've been waiting to hear from him. But, after a while, he did not reply. We are worried about whether the customer has not get the order, we hope we can do something for him, we sent the email to him and he replied that:


When we learned about it, we immediately proposed to the customer that we could test the product by video and send samples to his customer for checking.

A few days later, he was very happy to tell us that his customer was satisfied with the video of our field test and asked us to arrange samples as soon as possible. He would pay the express fee.


After he received the samples, he showed to his customer, and got the order.


In the past few years, his order is keep rising, from the first order 500pcs to the current shipment of FCL.

We are also growing together with customers.

This is the photo of our meeting with customers in 2019


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