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    G70 Forged Steel Ratchet Load Binder 5/16″ -3/8″

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    5/16”-3/8” G70 forged steel ratchet type load binder, working load limit 5,400lbs, breaking strength 19,000lbs. This chain binder with 2 heavy duty grab hooks is designed for use with 3/8 inch or 5/16 grade 70 transport chain. And the forged grab hook can swivel 360°.


Chain and binder set tightens down heavy loads to your truck or flatbed trailer. Ideal for industrial, agricultural, logging, and towing applications. Commercial grade ratchet type chain binder is made of drop-forged and heat-treated carbon steel to improve strength and durability. The fast ratcheting action ensures that your load is easily tied up. Grade 70 transport chain features a high strength-to-weight ratio that makes it light and easy to maneuver. Clevis grab hooks at both ends provide safe, no-slip handling. Ratchet load binder with smooth ratcheting mechanism makes it easy to tighten chains safely.


1.Heavy duty grab hook

Heavy duty grab hook

The forged grab hook can swivel 360° and engage easily with 5/16" to 3/8" chain.
2.Smooth link

Smooth link

Smooth ratcheting gear design tighten the chain to secure the load faster. Provide work efficiency.
3.Forged steel long handle

Forged steel long handle

This Ratchet Style Load Binders has a forged steel handle that offers maximum leverage

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Ratchet binders are made from forged steel and are designed for securing loads in chain binding applications on flatbed trucks and rail cars, as well as for cargo holding in the marine industry. Ratchet type load binders offer infinite adjustment for precise binding and are easier to operate than lever binders.

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