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    Heavy Duty 42mm Aluminum Adjustable Cargo Stabilizer Bar

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    42mm round tube aluminum cargo bar adjustable length to fit various width of trailers, trucks, pickups. 63 x 103mm suctioning rubber or plastic foot pad on each end. Quick release ratcheting mechanism on the handle-EASY to mount and remove INSTANTLY.


Most cargo bars (also called cargo load locks or load distribution bars) are made from aluminum tubing and plastic feet that adhere to the sides or floor and ceiling of a truck. They are ratchet devices you can adjust to fit the specific dimensions of the trailer. It is a bar placed horizontally between the sidewalls of a trailer or vertically between the floor and ceiling. For added cargo security, cargo bars can be combined with cargo straps to protect products even further.

To avoid cargo road safety accidents, using a cargo load bar is one of the most efficient ways to prevent cargo from moving and shifting and make the cargo stay in the place when transit. Whatever the size of the load,all cargo can shift and fall out of place if drivers make a quick stop or a sharp turn or drive in a bad road condition. Cargo load bars provide bracing for the load to reduce the amount of movement in the trailer.


1.Bright Surface

Bright Surface

Aluminum tube, there is no spot and scratch on it.
2.Casted Steel Rack

Casted Steel Rack

It is much stronger and use smoothly.
3.Plastic & Rubber Foot Pads Available

Plastic & Rubber Foot Pads Available

We have rubber and plastic foot pads for customers to choose from according to there demand.
4.Inserted spring inside

Inserted spring inside

It is heavy duty and more secure to use.

Support Sample & OEM

If you want to stand out and go further than your competitors, why not choose OEM service? Zhongjia’s engineers have over 15 years experience and access to drawing paper. We are capable of producing products by customer’s drawing or original sample to make your products unique in the market.

Zhongjia provides free sample for our customer to check the quality.Ways to Get Your Sample:
Place A Sample Order

Place A Sample Order

Arrange Production

Arrange Production

Review the Order

Review the Order

Assemble the Parts

Assemble the Parts

Deliver to Customer

Deliver to Customer

Test Quality

Test Quality


aluminum cargo bar

The automated production equipment and mature production line give us more advantages in lead time.
For some standard products, the lead time can be within 7 days.


Cargo bar can be adjusted to fit different models of transporters, semi trailers, box trailers and serve as a good life helper for household use, traveling and camping. You can use the cargo bar horizontally or even vertically in the load compartment of your transporters.

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