Differnece between Working Load Limit and Breaking Strength

1. What is Working Load Limit(WLL)?
Working load limit(WLL) is the maximun allowable weight your securement can hold.
2. What is Breaking Strength(BS)?
Breaking strength(BS) is the point at which your cargo securement will fail.
WLL is 1/3 of the breaking strength rating, therefore a strap with a WLL of 6,000 pounds would have a breaking strength of 18,000 pounds. ail. Break strength is determined by the weakest point of the rigging in question, whether it be the webbing, end fittings, or tensioning device.
It is important to always adhere to the manufacturer-recommended working load limit and never exceed it, as this can significantly increase the risk of equipment failure, damage, and injury.

Post time: Jun-06-2023
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